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About Us


A+ Tutoring Center was established in 1994, and our core mission statement is to help students maximize their academic potential. By focusing on preparation and practice, we help students improve their performance in the classroom and on standardized tests.Through our program, we help parents understand the complex process of school admissions and the expectations to fulfill admission requirements.


Our center pursues its mission with a bifurcated approach. On one level, we address test preparation by preparing students for admissions to college as well as professional school with test prep/review courses for the SAT and AP exams respectively.


A second broader approach entails a partnership with the K-12 Division that emphasizes a close affiliation with school districts to offer private tutoring, assessments, interventions, and subsequent advancements in their grade levels to promote student success.


Qunh-Giao Nguyn

Attending the University of Irvine (UCI), I received my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Math. For over 20 years, I have taught all high school math levels. My teaching philosophy is simple: success is generated by the three building blocks of knowledge, critical thinking, and curiosity. I plan to instill all of these in the students while challenging them to do their very best

Dr. Charles Nghiêm 

I was an associate professor of Mathematics at University of California, Los Angeles where I earned my doctorate in Math. My research focuses on Topology. I have been teaching for more than 35 years. I like reading, singing for pleasure, and exercising in my free time. I that that as professors and teachers we continue learning everyday. Indeed, life itself consists of life-long learning and the desire to learn!


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