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Supplemental Instruction

Homework Support

We offer homework support during our fall session for students who have challenging classes or struggle to connect the foundations. They will be tutored by a certified teacher in a classroom setting with students that have similar subjects. We also have computer access* available to students so that they will be able to complete their assignments, and we will also monitor their grades. It is recommended that students actively engage in class, have an organized planner filled out daily, and that they target areas that they find challenging. If students complete their homework, we will provide them with extra practice problems on the subjects that they find challenging and are tailored to their level of understanding. Before a test or exam**, we will prepare students through multiple practice problems, tests, and test strategies. We also use materials according to the standards students will learn in their K-12 curriculum.

*Students are recommended to bring their personal laptop/Chromebook since the computers are limited and will be shared with other students.

**Teachers must be notified by the student of the upcoming quiz/exam in order to prepare the materials.

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer students an opportunity to study material ahead of the class, study a subject in-depth in preparation for a test as well as a more individual-based lesson. Students may also take private lessons to study a different subject outside of the school setting. We recommend that students take advantage of this opportunity to learn new and/or challenging content. Private lessons are tailored to fit the student's level of understanding away from a group setting. They give students an opportunity to target areas that need more focus from both the student and the teacher as well as allow for the student to ask more questions concerning areas that they find challenging. It is recommended that the student has prepared questions or problems that they find challenging in order for the teacher to evaluate their level of understanding.

*Private lessons need to be scheduled ahead of time in order for teachers to prepare the necessary materials.

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