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Test Preparation Services


In preparation for the SAT tests, we offer a summer course covering 8 weeks of material including SAT vocabulary, weekly practice tests, and testing strategies. Students will also be trained to attain more problem-solving skills through assigned reading books* and their assignments.

*Reading assignments will be given weekly. Students will read 3-4 books during the summer course. Books can be rented from the library or bought. Personal copies are recommended.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests offer students an opportunity to demonstrate that they have an in- depth understanding of a particular subject such as Math, Physics, English, History, or a Foreign Language. In order to prepare students for the SAT Subjects Tests, we offer summer courses such as Physics and Chemistry that will gear students' focus towards the subject they are testing for. We will also train students so that they can increase their scores and gain college credits.


AP Courses offer high school students an opportunity to enroll in a college-level class with a college environment. The AP tests, which are taken in May, are evaluations of the students' proficiency in the course and if passed, can count for college credit. We help students by offering summer preparation classes as well as year-round instruction to support students' learning progress from the courses taught in school. We also provide students with practice quizzes and test in preparation for the exam in May.*

*practice tests and quizzes are given based on student requests

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